[Review] Maze Runner 2: The Scorch Trials

Well, my first motivation to watch the movie is because of my cousin. Hanging out to Ciwalk with her 2 weeks ago, we passed CinemaXXI and I saw the movie poster. Wow, I thought the movie will be great. So, I talked to her, asking if she wanted to watch the movie and she replied that she has watched that. She told me the movie is awesome and she recommended it to me.

So I talked at my office that I really wanted to watch that movie. Then, my friend asked me whether I had watched that or not. I said of course not. Hehe. And he offered the video to me, the first sequel.

The Maze Runner 1 successfully made me curious about the next story so I decided to watch the movie together with my friend. Due to work, I was late to enter the cinema. Fortunately I could arrive 5 minutes after the door opened. And the movie just so fabulous. I honestly enjoyed all the scene and just felt ‘what?’ why the movie was over. I really want more. Hehe. Just give applause for the director of the movie and I will wait the third part of Maze Runner: The Death Cure. People say it will be on Feb 17th 2017. I can’t wait the movie! I hope I can enjoy that masterpiece again!

Well, actually the Maze Runner is trilogy (but I find that the books are 5 not 3). But on another online source, it says that the third movie will be the last. Well, I don’t know but hopefully in the third movie, it will still show Minho. Hehe.

I really wanna know where the story will go. I told my friend over and over. And she replied that I should read the book!

I had known that after she told me, I am sorry because I really don’t know it.

The book’s author is James Dashner. But then I don’t think that I want to read the book. Maybe later. I don’t know.

So I don’t want to tell any spoiler about The Scorch Trials here. I just want to share some clues of the movie:
1. The boys and girls grouped by Wicked are not only Thomas, Teresa, Minho, Newt, Winston, and I forget who is their last friend.
2. In the Wicked office they will face the next trial. The trial is so wicked. It is about absorbency for the body – I won’t tell you the detail.
3. They try to escape from that office.
4. They meet ‘others’ in they struggling to find the Right Arms.

So, can Thomas and his friends meet the Right Arms and defeat Wicked?