Pantai Pandawa Bali, Indonesia… #latepost

Yuhuuuu, I will answer all the request about PANDAWA BEACH BALI. Well it is trending topic lately. My sister told me that this beach is so beautiful. At first, I dont really interested about what she told me but after I see the beach. Wow! It is so awesomely beautiful.

Well, the beach is relative new there and being managed by the non government. But the ticket price is very affordable. It is only 5000 IDR or approximately one third of US Dollar. Wow, soooooooo affordable. But so sorry I forget it is the ticket per person or the parking ticket.

The rule of the beach is sooo strict. I like it. Here is the example:

And you know what? I really love the scenery there, this picture I got from the web:

I love this too:

And this is from my instagram…

Can you see it? Hmm. You can see in my in my IG account: @dkpitaloka

Okay,,,, the scenery there is so extremely beautiful. I love that. MasyaAllah, Allah create such a beautiful beach.

The tour guide told me that the beach at first is unrecognisable because it was behind the slope of mountain. So the private shave it and find its beautiful scenery. So that we are forbidden to do the bad things there because the place is sooo sacred.

Alhamdulillah, luckily when I was there, the beach is not crowded as what people saying. The beach is so nice and if you wanna to enjoy the sea water you can ‘lari-lari centil’ while enjoying the scenery at the edge of the beach and taking selfies or the picture with your family, friends or strangers maybe. Or if you like to play canoe, you can play canoeing there only by 50.000 IDR or approximately 4 US Dollar for an hour.

O yes, I think the price for the domestic tourist will be different to the international tourist, so you can bargain the price if you go to the beach, except for the ticket, I think the ticket price is fixed.

This is the location of the beach:
Jl. Darmawangsa, Desa Kutuh, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia.

being censored.. hehe.. to precious to be shared on the web.
being censored.. hehe.. too precious to be shared on the web. me in pandawa.