Good bye for now Ausy.

Australian Awards sudah diumumkan. Hasilnya?
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13 Juli 2016
Miss. Dyah Kania Pitaloka
Griya Ranca Indah 1 Blok A2 No 7 RT 05 RW 04,Kelurahan Jelegong Kecamatan Rancaekek,

Bandung – JABAR




Re: Australia Awards Scholarship 2016 shortlisting result
Dear Dyah Kania Pitaloka,
I am writing to inform you that your application was not successful in the 2016/2017 round of the Australia Awards Scholarships. 
As you know there are 300 scholarships available in the 2016/17 application round, however this year the competition for shortlisted places was again highly competitive with 3,300 applications received. 
The selection process was conducted by an independent panel consisting of Indonesian and Australian academics. The Indonesian academics are especially selected for their experience and knowledge of both the Australian and Indonesian University sectors.
Selection is based firstly on academic merit and English language proficiency (IELTS or equivalent scoring).  In addition however, applications are sorted according to AusAID principles of equity.  This ensures gender, geographic location and the candidate’s focus of study are also taken into account in deciding upon the shortlist of Australian Development Scholarship candidates. 
Thank you for applying in the 2016/17 application round.  
I would encourage you to follow other scholarship opportunities on  Please note that any further communication will only be responded to via email.  Please send any further queries to with the Subject:  Australia Awards Shortlisting 2016 Query
Yours faithfully

Description: Description: Description: FadilSignature
Fadhil Baadilla
Awards Cycle Senior Manager

Australia Awards Scholarships – Indonesia

I am now redirected again. I will have a new start from now.

Ayo fokus ke ielts dulu. 8 InsyaAllah. Aamiin.

Ya Allah, smg kau memberi yang terbaik 🙂


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