Sekolah di Eropa

Well, gue asa bener-bener jalan di jalan menuju kesuksesan. Ihiw.
Tau ga, jadi karena menggalau bahkan nangis karena ngerasa ga akan bisa dapet scholarship dan ngerasa semua orang sibuk ngurusin urusannya masing-masing akhirnya temen gue bertanggung jawab banget bawa gue ke sebuah komunitas. Gue diajak ke The center. The place is not that huge. It may have 3 floors. The place was not full of people however I met some bule(s) there and you know it was so fun.
Talking about fun, I met a guy, he is from environmental engineering, I do not know his name. He studied his master degree in Netherlands. He told me that studying in Netherlands is so much fun. The lectures are in English if there is a foreigner student.
He suggests me to study in Leiden University.
Okay, I will go there then 😀
Well, I met bules there named Courtney. He is from US. And two girls in the lobby of the place named Bianca and Jess, they are from US too.
Okay, that was nice to see them today. Oh yes, I met a guy from Indonesia, I do not know his name too. But he please us to call him “Sterdam”.

Okay, guys, I will see you when I see you.

Thank you so much A to take me there today. It was so fun. I enjoyed the time.

It is time for me to decide that I really want to go to Europe.


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