“Someday, I am gonna travel the world”

That’s the words I read from the wall of somebody who lends a room from our family. Her room is across our living room, I can easily look into her room if she opens it.

Reading the words made me smile and said Aamiin. I have never had that aim before. I appreciate her aim and I am proud of her.

I am also happy today as I heard that one of my beloved brothers have chosen his choice in his life. He has converted his major at his high and now attends social humanity major.

Everyone in this world should choose their life. I live in this world for more than 26 years and realize that I should make my choice. Allah knows the best for me so I will do my best to receive the result.

One of my best friends also has made her own choice. She will marry this year! Yippie!

#travelling the world was also my aim so I had tried to submit application to be a diplomat at our foreign affair ministry in 2014. I had failed at the third stage, unfortunately. But I can see and realize that not to be accepted as a diplomat before was my best way to see the world. My dream is to see London Bridge, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, to take selfie in front of the very original British Telephone Box, and to get Master of Arts from UK. My dream is entering and getting knowledge from all books in the library of Leiden University, Netherlands. My dream is going to Australia, asking someone who edits Functional Grammar Third Edition in Sydney University. My dream is to be one of Master alumni wearing Yellow Jacket of University of Indonesia. My dream is to apply my knowledge to be an expert in Linguistics and a hafizhah of Quran. My dream is to make a proud smile on my parents face in this world and the afterlife. My dream is to be a good wife and mother. My dream is to meet you, Allah swt.

Ya Allah, from all my dreams, You know the best for me, which I am appropriate to those. I need your love and help. Don’t ever leave me here alone. Aamiin


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