Dream and Properness

Okay, akhirnyaaaa dapet pembaca dan bertukar komen. Aduh senangnya, alhamdulillah. Okay, btw my blog post is not about that. I recently rethink on my dream. Well, I think I dream big so I should set my path to reach my dream. I think that my dream is so far away. Studying abroad is not that easy. It is difficult to achieve scholarship too. When I look back at the past, sometimes I regret it but I rethink it, I do not regret it.
Talking about my dream, I always write down what I want. That is my life proposal. What I remember is I want to be Master of Arts, but now I really want to be a Professor of Linguistics. I want to be a linguist. That is one of my dream. I exactly remember that I want to study my.master at Australia or Malaysia, at least the study will be in Universitas Indonesia. What I really want is studying Applied Linguistics or Linguistic Terapan.
Today, I open the link. The link of Australian Awards Scholarship for Indonesia. The question is, am I suitable for the scholarship? So what I should do is to prepare myself to meet the eligibility.
Today, I read about Aim vs Obsession. I think again and again on my aim. Is studying abroad my aim or obsession? I really want to upgrade my self by studying more and more. I really want to achieve it. Maybe obsession is a bad version of aim. But if I use my obsession to achieve my dream, it will be good.
I really want to meet eligibility to be an awardee of the scholarship. I do not want to surrender because of my limit. I am a graduate student of English Literature of Universitas Padjadjaran. My major is Linguistics. I have a proper GPA with second honor or it is very satisfactory.
Before I had my graduation day, I had already had a job as an English teacher at Ganesha Operation, a cram school which is the best Indonesian student choice. I had been a teacher there for two years.
Now, I am a data analyst at a technology-based company called eBdesk technology. Working here opens my eyes that linguistics can be used in the applying field such as technology, something that I do not know before.
Now, by working here, I have learn about Computational Linguistics. I really want to learn it. But, maybe for now, I have applied a scholarship on Applied Corpus Linguistics and Applied Linguistics at University of Birmingham, England, United Kingdom. I want to study more and more. I want to re-live somebodies’ aim in my life. They love me naturally and I will repay their love by living and making their will come true. Bismillah, I will make my self better. Lahaulaa walaa kuwata illa billah. Yasarallahu umuranaa. Aamiin.

I will keep my dreams 5 cm upon my eyes and be proper to achieve it. Aamiin.


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