[REVIEW] Pia from Indonesia

Hallo, my name is Dyah and today I want to post about Pia. Pia or Bakpia is a cake filled with various filling from Indonesia which comes from a lot of places of Indonesia. Okay, in this blog post I want to share about my experience eating Pia from some parts of Indonesia.

1. Pia Extra Khas Gorontalo
I got this cake from Umi, my aunt who’d just come from Gorontalo. I got cheese flavor of it. The taste is so delicious, actually it is like Pia Legong from Bali. But the cheese texture is different than Pia Legong’s. Pia Extra filling is crispier than Legong’s. Both of them is so delicious. Okay, this is picture of it:

The filling is crispy and tasty 🙂

The box of it contains 10 pieces. The flavors are Cheese, Chocolate, Durian and many more.



So if you go to Gorontalo dont forget to take a bite of it. Unless you will regret it. Hehe.

2. Pia Legong Khas Bali
Going to Bali does not complete without buying this cake.

3. Bakpia Pathok Khas Jogjakarta Special Region
Well, this cake is very original and the first kind of Pia in my life. I love this cake so much, because the simply taste of the cake.
It is soya-bean filling wrapped y the flour skin.. The taste is sweet. Here is the picture:

The most favorite one in Jogjakarta is Bakpia 25:

You should try this cake when you visit Jogjakarta, Indonesia.

4. Kue Kacang Hijau (Mung Bean Cake) from Sabang, Aceh
Well this is the fourth cake from Indonesia, it is still bakpia. The layer cake filling by Mung Bean. The taste is good but this tastes like coffee. Idk, it may contains coffee as the flavour of this cake.

The picture of the cake

So if you go to Aceh, Indonesia, do not miss this cake ^^


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