Hallo, my name is Dyah. I’d like to talk to myself. Well, life is going hard if you see the bad thing. Always see the good side of it dyka. By the way, I’ve heard a very good news from my friends. They will get marriage two weeks later. What a good news right?
They have been dating since they were in the eleventh grade of high school. What a long relationship. Subhanallah.
Well, talking about having relationship. I dont have any relationship with anyone. Because my parents have been prohibiting me for having any special relationship with my male friends. They are only my friend not a special friend. I like boys and have been crushing with some male friends of mine. But that is only a friend. I cannot cross any limit. I love my parents so much.
You know, now I really like my future husband. He is near me but I cannot reach him. Again, it is because the limit. I know the limit between man and woman. I will always be beside him when I am halal to him. Well, people may think that I have a misterious boyfriend. I don’t have any boyfriend. He is my fiancee. I will love him after we get married. I will miss him when I am his wife.
Actually I should cover my status as his fiancee because there is a hadits says “Having fiancee is secret but Getting married should be spreading.”
Bismillah, now I am on my path to get my aim. It is not easy but I have Allah to make everything easy. God, please make everygood comes true. Aamiin 🙂


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