Love Story #2: It falls similarly

Well, after wrote the first story about Love at the first sight, here I fulfill my promise, the second story. It is about ‘sometimes, people fall similarly’. I might, mightn’t you?

Well, quoting my written yesterday, “People can fall in love without any conditions. But they may fall because of the particular thing. It can be that the person is similar with whom they fell before.”

When I was on the end grade of elementary school, approximately fifth or sixth grade, I used to listen Sheila on 7. I fell in love with the vocalist, Duta. I don’t really know why, still you don’t have to explain anything when you fall in love with anyone. And you know, I really like a person in my elementary school because he is smart, he actually the smartest boy in my school, he is cool, and he looks like Duta. He is now only my friend. We were schoolmate only when we are in the elementary but until now he is still my friend and he remembers me well. I know his parents too, we are that close. Now, he is far. We only keep in touch via social media.

Have you ever fallen in love with someone who is similar to your past or your idol?

To be continued 🙂


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