Maybe I am not that special to some people.
Maybe I don’t have anything to be liked.
Maybe I am not that attractive to be remembered.
A friend told me that do not have to be similar with others.
Yes, that I am.
Maybe I am not special for one but I am different with others.
My old friends remember me well, even my teachers and lecturers do too.
I am appreciated people so much and I will not expect anything.
It hurts when you expect a thing from anyone.
You will not get it.
I am a foolish who is easily crying and predicting bad.
Actually, I still have a lot of people who love me.
They still love and care me.
They will always remember me.
They will always appeciate me.
But they may not be right beside me.
They are far, so I may forget.
I think, this is the selection from Allah SWT for me to be strong and firm.
Because I may be in a situation and condition that I will be alone, having nobody around, and so different with others.
I don’t know. I am now still trying to reach and chase my dream. I really try to. Wallahu’alam.
What I realize is everyone is a champion of life, everyone is special.


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