Kamu bukan mereka

Dear Dyah Kania Pitaloka,
I am talking to you as the answerer. I will answer your question.
The first of all, you are not them. You are what you are.
I mean, you can’t be them. They can’t be you. You can’t force yourself to be like them, to be what they need.
You have your own choice.
I know what you worry so much lately. You are worrying your future. You are really worried about that. And one of your weakness is you are skeptic. You can’t easily believe anyone. You put all the things on your own shoulders. You think you can. You always try to be. You won’t say no. You will always try to be what they want you to be. But, now you are in the condition that you can’t follow their need because you should fulfill yours.
Let’s list your hopes dyka.
I will guide you my dear.
In front of you are: marriage, post-graduate study, and death.
You have unlimited time to prepare and be ready for your death but you have certain time to get married and study.
Dyah, I appreciate you to have your dream and fulfill it immediately.
Go forward, I believe you. I believe you.
And the only one who can help you to fulfill your dream is Allah.
It is not a false to make someone wait for you. While you go to be better, he does too.
Now, close your ears and keep looking forward. You go not to beat anyone. You go because you have to. You have reason and yours knows it and appeciate your decision.
You should happy for your life, what Allah gives to you. Happy for others’ to. You have dreamed it, now please believe that you can make it happen. Be special dyka. And Allah will give you all the special things. I love you dyka, I love myself. I will appreciate my life, my decision, my will, my eager. I believe Dyah Kania Pitaloka will be sholihah, kind, smart, generous, beautiful, active and influencing young lady.
Aamiin 🙂 😘😘😘😘😘


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