4.50 from Paddington

Well, the title is one of a lot of novel titles of Agatha Christie. I have the e-book downloaded from a ceetain website. Unfortunately I forget what is the name of the website.

The story begins with the description of a woman travelling from a town. She is a Scottish. Then she saw a murder across her train. Well, I had read to the page. I haven’t read the following pages yet. I will, later.

By the way, on the last Saturday, I visited TB. Hendra, the library where I started to love books. I asked the librarian, Mr. Idrus (if I’m not mistaken), whether I could borrow the book (4.50 from Paddington, Indonesian version) or not. Unluckily, I couldn’t because the library lost all of the books titled 4.50 from Paddington.

I could see that he was tearing up because of my question. I replied him with a sorry and some encourages. Well, losing the book is one of bad sadness in the world for me. And I lost a chance to borrow it too. Hmmm, I don’t like that.

So at that time I ended with borrowing Barbara Cartland’s book titled ‘Beauty or Brains?’ and the book from Agatha Christie (always) titled ‘The Light Lasts’. I hope I can directly read ‘4.50 from Paddingon’ from the book 🙂


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