[REVIEW] The Martian

Well, at first I did not have any plan to watch this movie. I do not have such attention to watch sci-fi movie. But it changed when my friend asked me to see the movie with her.

So I watched the movie last night. As usual, I watched the movie at CinemaXXI Ciwalk. The movie started at 8.15 and I had some times to spend while waiting the movie begun.

I entered the cinema and had a seat in the left side. Well, the movie started with the scene showed that they (Mark Watney and his team (Ares 4)) were in Mars. Suddenly, the storm attacked them and ended with the losing Mark while his team had already reached their spaceship coming home to the earth.

The storm ended and Mark whom his friend thought that he had died was still alive. He struggled so bad to reach the hab (habitat built by NASA in Mars) and start to live there. He spent so much time to survive in Mars until NASA and his team picked him up above Mars. Could he be back to the earth?


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