Kebahagiaan terkadang adalah hal yang teramat sederhana. Bisa jadi kita bahagia meskipun hanya mendapatkan permen loli dari adik kecil kita. Atau bisa jadi kita bahagia ketika kita mendapatkan kabar baik dari orang yang kita cinta.

Well, it is like it was yesterday when u and i sitting together in front of our office. Hehe. I still remember what we chatted that time. Chatting about school, about our regret, and our future.

U and I never knew before that we can befriend. U said that u are a friend of my friend when u were in high school. Talking about our friend made we laughed. We laughed together. Haha.

Years go fast ya.

I have already checked ur SNS. Now we are friend, a long distant friend. U said to me, “Dyah, kamu harus yakin sama diri kamu sendiri. Di luar sana banyak kesempatan yang bisa kamu coba. Dan kamu harus coba. Kamu yakin sama aku, tapi kenapa kamu ga yakin sama diri kamu sendiri. Ayo dong! Kalau aku bisa, aku yakin kamu juga bisa. Aku yakin.”

Now, when I checked it, it looks like that u and ur dream are together right?

Previously we got the same problem, we shared it like we had already known each other for a long time. U empowered me with ur suggestion. I appreciated it so much.

Bener Na, kalau kamu bisa, aku juga insyaAllah bisa. Kamu tau? Aku bahagia banget pas liat kamu ada di sana.

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