Hallo everyone around the world!

(Because my blog is being read by anyone from any country so… I wanna greet everyone. Annyeong!! Assalamualaykum wr wb.)

Well, last 2 days I felt so gloomy. Well, maybe because it was my period. Hmm.

Whereas, I thought that I could be happy and feel the joy but in fact, it was not like that!

I was easily angry to anyone, felt uncomfortable, hated anybody. God! What a bad mood I was.

Hmm. But that was yesterday.

And the good thing is the cheerful me is back! I am back. The joy is with me. Haha.

Okay, today I visited my new branch office. It is not like I will move in to the office because the office is only for the others division not mine. Well. It is so spacious. And I heard 2 good news. My two friends will get married. Hehe. Asik! Yeay! Yippie!

Both of them will get married on the same day InsyaAllah. It is the third of October 2015. Hmm. I hope all the preparation will be okay and God bless them.

One thing, yesterday after I cried a lot in my office (childish me).. Someone told me, “God bless you.” Oh, so much thank you for the positive thing you’ve told me. After the meeting, I thought that I still have a chance. I still can reach my aim. I talked with my friend too, if he has a problem or not. He said to me that everyone has. Yes, I realize it. He said he wants to try the six steps from Ust. Yusuf Mansur too. So will I.

1. I will try to always have wudhu.
2. I will try to do ritual prayers and do additional prayers (sunnah prayers).
3. I will try to read al quran, odoj insyaAllah.
4. I will try to tell and pray to Allah SWT all about I think, I want, everything.
5. I will try to be sincere to all Allah bestows me.
6. I will try to be more generous and do shadaqoh.


One thing! Today I have a new friend! Hooray! She is from Java but now she is in Japan! Wooooooo! So glad and glad and glad!

Well, I dont know, I’d like to go abroad so much but not for having a vacation or spend my holiday. I wanna live there haha or I wanna work there or I wanna study there. I wanna be there and be paid! Haha. I hate wasting my money. Hihi.

Well, God. Ar Rahman. Ar Rahiim. Save my love for me. Give them good things they need. Make easy on everything they do. Please love my parents, my family, my friends and my future. Aamiin.

One thing!
My friend asked me when I would get married? I dont answer. He asked me because I have already worn my ring. Well, I dont have to answer it. Everyone will know everything because I wanna tell anyone if I get married, InsyaAllah. So, please pray good thing for me, for my future, for the wedding because I still dont know it. The new me will be so positive from now on. Okay?


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