I’m afraid

I’m afraid. So much. So I cry, I cried a lot.

It’s maybe because of the letter yesterday. I dont have any bravery to continue my path to reach my dream. Thinking about my dream makes me desperate so much. You know, and I also know, I should be positive.

Being positive is not like an easy thing but I can!

Yes, I can!

So the steps are…

1. Pray,
I have God. I have Allah SWT. For Allah, reaching my dream is like a piece of cookie.

2. Go near it,
Nearer and nearer, I should be near of it. Even though I should crawl little by little or walk wobbly, I shouldnt be a matter for me. Reaching the peak of a mountain is not a short path, nor easy.

3. Calm and bestow,
Bestow it to God, the result. I dont know that I could enter English Literature before. I dont know that I could speak in front of a lot of people before. I dont know I could teach English. I dont know I can work here now, befriend with a lot of people, learn life deeply. I dont know what will happen to me. So being patient, calm, and bestowing all things in the future to Allah are my answer.

I dont know whether I can reach it or not. But if I dont try to reach it, I will regret my life forever.

So I will go. I will try. Laa haula wa laa kuwwata illa billah. No power and blessed effort except from Allah SWT.

If I am afraid of my dream, how come I reach it?

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