Me, future

Hi beautiful me in the future.

Now u ask about what u did before? What best thing of ur life? What will u do next?

U r now afraid of things out of ur mind.

U r afraid of what they think about u.

U know, if u regret all things happen to u. U just waste ur time. Everything u go through grows u. Everything u need isnt like that will suit u well.

Allah gives u what is important not what u need.

God, teach me how to be more patient. Teach me how to be more possitive.

God, u r just too good for me. U r good for me. Dont leave me.

I really wanna fulfill my aim, dont I? I love u God. Please dont throw away me, dont abandon me, hold me tight God. Hold me. Forgive me.



Penyesalan ada untuk membuat kita sadar bahwa dahulu mungkin kita pernah salah dan bahwa masa depan yang baik menunggu untuk dibuat.