Me and Rain

Got from Line Deco

Well, really love standing in the middle of the rain. Enjoying the pouring rain on my head and my skin.

Really love the rain but hate to be wet.

I wanna gaze at everything in front of me. But not really look at it. I wanna look through it. Having no mind when looking through it.

Really wanna wandering to everywhere in my live. Walking alone in the middle of the rainy afternoon. Holding a cup of hot chocolate while walking in my warm coat.

I really wanna meet you. When my hot chocolate cannot be sipped any more. I throw it away from my vision and start to walk and gaze on the street.

Little by little, and when I stop, I see something of you. Really donot wanna close my eyes but I should. I walk again and find you when I lift my head. There is no you. Unfortunately. When is the right time?


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